Wall Art For Every Decor Style

wall art

Wall art adds personality and texture to any room, whether its prints, canvas pieces or metal designs – something for every decor style is available!

If you want to make an impressionful statement with your decor, an oversized piece of art could make an excellent focal point and can help open up a room.


Tapestries are one of the oldest art forms and an incredible way to add style and grace to any room in your home. Their beauty fits seamlessly with all decor types – and adds grace and elegance when decorated beautifully!

Tapestries are textile arts created using warp and weft threads on a loom. The warp threads provide support for the weft threads to form designs on fabric while working together with each other to form intricate figures on it.

Tapestries were once only accessible to the wealthy, though more recently large scale hand woven tapestries are too costly for many people to own. Thanks to machines that can weave faster than humans and an emerging artist community that embraces this ancient technique, tapestries have witnessed a renaissance.

Canvas Prints

Canvas prints have become one of the most sought-after wall art options, perfect for displaying photos from past vacations or adding an artistic touch to any room in which they’re placed.

These prints come in an assortment of sizes and styles, from desktop (5 x 7 or 8 x 10) to standard (11x 14 to 24x 36) prints as well as panoramic ones, featuring frameless borders to match any decor style.

Canvas prints provide an additional textural layer and the flexibility of stretching images around their edges, similar to mounted prints. Furthermore, canvas is often made of durable cotton fabric which extends its lifecycle over time.

Framed Prints

Framed prints are a gorgeous way to bring galleries and museums’ pieces into any home decor style, while offering decades of color preservation with their acid-free papers printed with vivid archival inks.

Frames come in an assortment of sizes and styles, typically used to enclose one piece of artwork at a time or group multiple pieces together on an art gallery wall.

When hanging multiple art prints, ensure they are evenly spaced and level. This will help ensure they look their best and don’t touch too closely or too distantly from each other.

If you’re having trouble arranging your wall art, try grouping pieces of the same size or style together for an unified and cohesive appearance. This can create an even visual balance in the room and works especially well when dealing with taller or narrower pieces.

Metal Prints

Metal prints are high-definition wall art pieces that offer stunning image quality, are scratch resistant, long-term durable and can withstand even extreme climatic conditions.

Metal prints undergo dye-sublimation printing processes which produce prints with greater contrast and brightness than traditional photo paper prints, making them suitable for images with a lot of vibrant hues. This makes metal prints ideal for photographs with lots of hues.

They’re also ideal for capturing blacks that appear especially rich and striking.

Choose from various mounting options – magnetic backing, acrylic base, easel or wall float – to give yourself more flexibility when displaying custom artwork.

Wood Prints

Wood prints add a rustic, natural element to your wall art decor that pairs perfectly with images depicting nature, landscapes or portraits.

Our wood photo printing process utilizes UV-cured inks that offer exceptional clarity and longevity, printing directly on C&C-milled birch panels tailored specifically for each photo.

Before printing on panel surfaces, a layer of white is applied to eliminate any wood grain that might show through, creating an almost photo-realist effect and increasing color gamut.

Wood prints often favor warm tones that exude vintage charm, lending extra depth and contrast. Sepia images add further character to these unique artworks.

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