Top New Artists 2023

new artists 2023

As the music industry evolves, new artists are emerging to dominate. Be it via TikTok hits, TV competition shows or signing a record deal – these rising stars are making waves and garnering momentum.

Below are the names to keep an eye out for in 2023; those which experienced an increase in inquirers on Artsy during the final quarter of 2022.


These artists prove that old guard is no match for young, talented heir apparents – whether by reviving classic rock genres, infusing drum-n-bass with electronica and creating post-punk’s deadpan irony in new ways, or reinventing classic genres altogether.

No other rapper makes the collapse of modern civilization more relatable than Yungmorpheus, who has over the last year been building his catalogue with numerous stunning projects. On his most recent effort – Loopy Dream Suites – he weaves intricate observations about our increasingly disjointed societies into loop-heavy synth-dotted suites.

Caity Baser stands out as pop’s cleverest new songwriter with her engaging tunes about unfavorable relationships (‘X&Y’) or falling for friends with benefits (‘Friendly Sex’). Inspired by Paramore and Nicki Minaj alike, her eclectic array of sounds gives her an edge few other aspiring artists can match.

Natalie Jane

Natalie Jane is an adept social media marketer with an emerging musical talent; boasting catchy hooks and emotive lyrics that resonate with millions of followers on TikTok alone. No one can deny the impact of her infectious songs!

No one makes the breakdown of modern civilization more relatable and entertaining than YUNGMORPHEUS. Hailing from Miami, this rapper has amassed an impressive resume but his most recent projects exhibit his subtle yet impactful writing style – across loop-heavy tracks with synth synth-laden suites he vividly portrays post apocalyptic anxieties in their suites.

V.C.R is an experimental artist whose style draws from high-flying jazz, cosmic funk and late night R&B – her unique sound blending genres together into something strong and spiritual. Set to release her debut EP this February, she is set to become one of 2023’s coveted talents.


Akemi (nee Miyano), was an associate of the Black Organization who participated in various criminal missions. She is known to make calculated, intelligent deductions that enable her to plan multibillion-yen robberies without difficulty – reminding both Shiho and Shuichi of Ran Mouri for her skill in such endeavors.

Gwen Bunn, Gretel Hanlyn and d4vd all possess the ability to deliver a full-length project that captures audiences, creating 2023 as an artistic mecca.

FLO, the British trio that’s taking us back to the golden era of R&B girl groups, proves that audiences still appreciate when three-part harmonies create magic. Their debut single “Cardboard Box” made waves back in 2022, and this year will bring them an EP release to add momentum to their musical trajectory.


These rising artists aren’t letting a tough year for music stop them from thriving; from bold wordsmiths and dance-inducing producers to genre-spanning musicians and genre-crossing artists they have all been making their names known in various ways.

Gwen Bunn’s musical skills encompass everything from stuttering hi-hats and lush loops to wide-panning synths and pitched-down boogie chops; she can do almost anything you ask of her in LA. From producing Black Hippy siren Collard Greens’ records to important collaborations with Faith Evans and blAck pArty it is clear her journey has just begun!

Girl Scout’s garage-rock anthems speak directly to teenage anxieties and unrequited love with an accessible immediacy, while UK trio FLO offer up a fresh take on Destiny’s Child-influenced R&B with attitude and tight harmonies.

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