Top 5 Makeup Hacks

makeup hacks

Makeup experts often offer valuable tips and techniques to help people achieve the look they desire quickly and efficiently. Beauty tutorials provided by them offer invaluable guidance that can help makeover enthusiasts achieve results faster than ever before.

TikTok has become one of the latest beauty trends, making it a source of invaluable tips and tricks. Take a look at these useful hacks to simplify your routine and achieve that desired look!

1. Apply Foundation with Your Hands

Applying foundation is one of the key components to creating a flawless makeup look. After all, foundation provides the base on which other beauty products such as blush and highlighter can go on smoothly.

But finding the ideal formula and tools can be daunting, which is why we enlisted makeup pros to share their favorite methods for making the most of foundation.

Although many experts recommend using brushes, beauty blenders, or sponges to apply foundation, fingers can provide a more natural finish and can also make application faster than brushes or sponges – perfect for touch ups on-the-go!

2. Apply Blush in the Center of Your Lips

Adding a hint of blush in the center of your lips is an easy way to add definition and enhance your natural glow – as well as being an effective way to balance out a round face shape.

Blusher is an integral component of any makeup routine, yet finding the appropriate shade and application method for you can be challenging. We’ve enlisted professional makeup artists’ tips on how to apply blush for maximum effect in order to make things simpler for you.

Heart-shaped faces feature pointy jawlines and narrow foreheads, so adding just a gentle dab of blush to the apples of your cheeks can soften their appearance and bring light into the area. Apply the color starting at the top of your cheekbones and working upward toward temples for a natural-looking flush effect.

3. Mix Your Lip Balm with Your Blush

Mixing lip balm and blush together can bring out the best in both products: lip balm adds moisture-retaining benefits while blush adds vibrant hues for monochromatic makeup looks.

To achieve multitasking magic, all it takes is a good quality lip balm. We suggest the Vaseline Magic Liquid Lip Treatment which contains cherry extract to both moisturize your lips while simultaneously reducing wrinkles, as well as vitamin E for added hydration and nourishment. There’s even an array of colors and scents to select from to customize this all-natural product perfectly to your tastes – not to mention no harmful chemicals or preservatives!

4. Layer Your Lip Gloss on Your High Points

If you want a shiny lip look without it smearing all over, use lip gloss on only the high points of your lips to apply an extra-shiny sheen and extend its wear time. This method will keep the shine from drifting outside the contours of your lips while helping the color last longer.

Another way to prevent your lip gloss from fading is layering it over another product. For instance, if your tinted sheer lip gloss begins to fade quickly, apply lipstick in its similar shade first before adding gloss on top.

Apart from layering your lip gloss, powder can also help it stay on for longer. Opt for natural and nourishing powder that won’t dehydrate lips but rather sits atop them instead of being absorbed.

5. Apply Bronzer on Your Eyelids

Add bronzer to your eye makeup routine as an easy way to add warmth and depth. However, be mindful when applying this makeup – use light hands and experiment with various finishes until you find one that complements your skin tone perfectly!

For an effortless eye makeup look, apply your desired bronzer shade to the outer corners of your face before using a small blending brush to blend it in to the crease. Aim to select one slightly lighter than your skin tone so as to prevent looking muddy or too tanned.

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