The Best Organization Apps

best organization apps

Organization apps help reduce stress and increase productivity by consolidating tasks, events, schedules, and communications into easy-to-use software. They enable users to prioritize workflows while staying productive at work, school or home.

Trello is an organization app that utilizes a Kanban board approach to help manage individual or team projects. You can add post-its to lists, assign them to team members and track their progress.


iStudiez is an organization app designed to help students manage their assignments and grades efficiently. With its intuitive calendar design and seamless user interface, students can keep tabs on assignments across devices – even across different locations! Plus it keeps an eye on progress reports, grade point average, progress tracking as well as customizable grading scales per assignment!

This organization app was specifically created with college students in mind, providing them with everything they need to stay organized while managing classes, assignments, and more. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and Mac and completely free to use iStudiez features an event calendar, class list view and planner view that allow users to easily manage classes, assignments and more. Furthermore, it can track recurring events and tasks, import data from other calendar apps as well as track recurring tasks with its task tracking features.

This app helps students plan and organize their entire semester by offering free iStudiez Lite version that helps map out and organize up to five courses with 15 classes and exams each, 15 assignments, two holiday periods, five instructors, deadline tracking capabilities and alarm reminders.


Timetable software programs can save teachers and administrators valuable time by automating the manual process of generating school schedules. They also help catch errors early so adjustments don’t have to be made later in the day, while being suitable for use across multiple devices such as PCs and Macs.

An effective timetable can be an invaluable asset to students, teachers and administrators alike. It helps everyone remain organized and on track, which increases efficiency and punctuality and decreases confusion caused by extracurricular commitments or conflicts between activities.

Not only can scheduling software help reduce scheduling stress, it can also enhance education quality at schools. For instance, when teachers take leave they’ll automatically be notified to substitute teachers and guest lecturers; additionally the system can send notifications about changes to students schedules and provide details regarding room utilization and faculty availability.


Software allows users to easily create, track and manage tasks from an easy-to-use interface. It syncs across devices – desktops as well as mobile apps. Features include recurring due dates, task sharing and reminders – even integration with Google Calendar to stay on task! Its clean yet visually appealing design facilitates team collaboration on projects while organizing their work efficiently.

Todoist offers both free plans for personal usage as well as paid plans with more projects and features. The premium version provides advanced collaboration tools, file storage space and features such as Gantt charts. Furthermore, Todoist supports multiple languages.

Todoist helps you organize your work into projects with lists of tasks. Sub-projects allow you to easily group similar tasks together. Kanban board view makes visualizing and tracking progress easy. Furthermore, the user-friendly system offers customizable templates.


This task management software makes your work more efficient by helping you organize your tasks into projects and actions, set start/due dates for them and set reminders to revisit your projects/actions at regular intervals. Furthermore, its review feature prompts you to go over these items regularly as well as supporting board views that allow teams to manage complex projects more easily.

As its interface is similar to that of Finder, its tabbed structure makes it accessible for Mac users. Furthermore, it enables nested projects that can be organized like folders as well as providing an overall project-based view of tasks. Furthermore, its most recent version offers improved tag handling allowing you to create powerful additional organizing categories such as person, energy level, priority or location; making it easier for you to quickly process an Inbox and decide what needs to be done next.

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