Spring Wardrobe Essentials

Now that spring has finally sprung, it is time to update your closet with lightweight pieces that make creating fresh outfits easy all season long. A few key pieces will ensure a hassle-free wardrobe transition!

Kick-flare pants from High Sport are an affordable and stylish addition to any closet, perfect for wearing with sneakers or pumps alike.


Chinos are an easy and comfortable way to look great – be it casual Saturday night attire or creating your spring wardrobe. A smart pair can elevate any ensemble while remaining casual; jeans tend to look frumpier. Chinos work especially well when combined with sneakers that feature formal aesthetics such as those designed by adidas or Converse, among other brands.

Chinos outfits can be dressed up with the addition of a fine shirt (tucked in), and an eye-catching custom blazer in darker tones. Chinos is actually a type of trousers named after their material: chino cloth (originally 100% cotton; now often blended with synthetic fibers). Their name derives from this versatile fabric, which was historically 100% cotton but now often contains synthetics as well. These characteristics make chinos an indispensable item in modern men’s wardrobes as they are suitable for both professional and casual situations, unlike dress pants (which are more suited for more formal events) unlike dress pants which cannot do. This versatility also makes chinos an indispensable addition in spring wardrobes!


Sneakers are a type of rubber soled shoe typically worn for sports or casual purposes, usually designed in a casual style and in various colors and designs. Commonly referred to as sneakers in North American English while known as trainers or plimsolls in British English.

Sneakers are an indispensable piece for spring wardrobes. Not only are they comfortable, versatile and great for all sorts of activities – they pair nicely with virtually every look too. When selecting the ideal pair of sneakers for yourself, make sure that it features breathable materials which allow airflow into and out of the shoe effortlessly.

Created a capsule wardrobe can help eliminate dressing indecision and save time, as well as extend the wear of existing clothing items. Furthermore, creating such an arsenal will help clear out clutter in your closet and rediscover old favorites!


Dresses are an indispensable addition to any spring wardrobe. Their versatility means they can be styled to meet a range of occasions – pair a little white dress with an eye-catching long kimono and wedges for bridal or baby shower, or dress it down for everyday wear with sneakers and a hat for everyday use.

Add statement jeans to your spring wardrobe for added variety and style! From baggy to cargo and barrel leg styles, statement denim can add both texture and flair to any ensemble.

French women never go without a lightweight beige cardigan in their wardrobes – it is ideal for cool spring days when jackets and t-shirts can become cumbersome and oppressive.


Jackets make a fantastic addition to any wardrobe, providing warmth while remaining lightweight in spring temperatures. A thick knit cardigan may provide the necessary layers during chilly spring evenings, while cotton jackets work perfectly in transitional conditions.

On days when you want to appear both tough and stylish, consider wearing a leather jacket with zips and studs. It makes an excellent statement piece and pairs nicely with jeans and T-shirt for casual wear, or pair it with dress pants for more formal events.

Cleaning out your winter closet and adding neutral-tone jackets, you can create versatile spring outfits. Denim jackets make an excellent light layer over white or blue t-shirts; opt for one with a light wash instead of raw selvedge denim.

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