Makeup Hacks From TikTok

makeup hacks

Makeup hacks are essential if you want to achieve optimal results from your cosmetic products. They allow for smoother application and a more natural appearance of makeup application.

One clever beauty hack involves using reusable makeup wipes to remove makeup prior to going to bed, which can prevent premature aging and acne caused by falling asleep with it on.

TikTok hacks to try

TikTok has made creating stunning makeup looks easier. Through viral beauty trends and ingenious hacks, getting dolled up may no longer take as long.

From creating the iconic 1950’s wing to using soap and a spoolie to achieve a flawless brow shape, makeup tricks are becoming increasingly popular on the app. Though some might work better than others, each is worth giving a shot!

TikTok users have recently shared an incredible foundation hack. By applying a layer of powder and setting spray prior to foundation application, users can achieve a more even and lasting finish that won’t result in fallout like full coverage often does.

TikTok hacks to avoid

TikTok may be best known as the home for viral sea shanties and dalgona coffee videos, but it also serves as the source for some rather bizarre beauty hacks. From “slugging” your face with Vaseline or wrapping your hair around a radiator in order to achieve salon curls – there are numerous trends on TikTok that may leave you looking less-than-ideal!

Certain pointers from TikTok may be worth trying, such as adding water to foundation to create a dewier finish; others, however, shouldn’t be taken at face value and could pose health risks. To help determine which hacks should be attempted versus those which pose risks and should be avoided altogether, we spoke with two experts – dermatologist Cinkir and chemist Bruce Green – regarding those Hacks on TikTok that should be avoided for your own health and wellbeing.

TikTok hacks to love

TikTok has become the go-to place for discovering beauty trends, from siren eyes to clean girl beauty looks, with many becoming mainstream thanks to this app. Plus, TikTok can serve as an invaluable source for learning tips and tricks!

Selena Gomez recently created an iconic 1960s look by using Rare Beauty Bottom Lash Mascara with tweezers to achieve long and thick lashes, perfect for an old-school aesthetic. Watch her in action in this viral video hack!

TikTok users love sharing eyeshadow blending hacks like the popular vertical “stripes” technique to blend eyeshadow more easily. Users apply layers of different hues on their lids before blending them for a flawless finish. Also try using translucent powder as an eyeshadow base before applying eyeshadow, to reduce fallout and ensure a seamless application – the Subtl Beauty Cream Concealer makes an excellent product to achieve this aim; its formula works to cover up imperfections while brightening undereye areas.

TikTok hacks to save money

TikTok offers plenty of beauty-related hacks and tips that promise to make life simpler and your face prettier, from cosmetic hacks that turn lipstick into blush to beauty tricks that make eyes appear fuller – TikTok provides tips that are guaranteed to make life simpler and your face prettier! Some hacks may actually worth exploring, such as one method for applying foundation which involves layering products in reverse order; other hacks might seem silly or bizarre (please do not mix lube into your foundation!)

One popular beauty hack that’s taking over Instagram suggests using lipstick as blush. According to user @lenkalul’s tutorial, you can apply a vivid red lipstick opaquely across your cheeks before applying any complexion products and blend to achieve a naturally peachy flush.

Acing eyeshadow blending can be an arduous task for even experienced makeup artists, but thanks to a viral video, creating natural-looking eyeshadow combinations is now easier than ever! Just use a white eyeliner pencil and draw vertical’stripes’ of different hues onto your lid before blending with a brush for an exquisitely subtle result.

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