Makeup Hacks From TikTok Beauty Gurus

makeup hacks

Establishing an eye-catching makeup look may seem intimidating, but with some helpful beauty hacks at your disposal it can become much simpler to create a sophisticated and beautiful aesthetic.

TikTok offers many clever makeup hacks to save time (and work). Here are just a few to get you started: From applying foundation with your fingers to using a spoon to bat your eyelashes, there’s sure to be something useful here for anyone interested. Learn these clever hacks today to save yourself both time and energy.

1. Use Your Hands to Apply Foundation

No doubt makeup can transform the way your face looks; but its application technique truly matters. Luckily, professional make-up artists know plenty of tricks that make the process simpler.

TikToker and makeup artist Natalie Marie recently recorded her 10-minute beauty routine for Allure magazine, starting by applying foundation with her hands – saving time and money by bypassing brushes and sponges which absorb makeup, leading to breakouts.

Before applying liquid foundation to your face, always ensure your hands are clean. Dirty hands could spread germs and oils onto the skin, leaving an unattractive finish. Simply dispense a few pumps of your liquid foundation onto a clean hand before patting it gently across your skin using fingertips.

2. Create a Glittery Cut Crease

Glitter can add an eye-catching element to any cut crease look, making it perfect for major occasions like date night or girls night out. Pair fine glitter in the inner corner with chunkier glitter (such as FlutterByRo’s Unicorn Kisses; $3 at FlutterByRo) for an eye-catching yet classy finish.

Graphic liner can add another level of sparkle and dimension to a glittery cut crease. From traditional black for a bold and classic look, to colorful lines drawing shapes along the outer V, adding graphic liners can really elevate your cut crease design.

Want to master this high-glam look? Join our Glittery Cut Crease Makeup Masterclass! Not only will you learn how to achieve this glamorous style, but also master lash application, brow shaping and contouring techniques as well as contouring!

3. Try the “Pat-Smudge” Technique

If you prefer more natural looking lip color options, try the “pat-smudge” technique to achieve it. Use your ring finger to gently pat on lip color before smudging it slightly; this gives you more control of where and how the hue lands on your lips without it wandering all over.

This makeup hack can be particularly helpful if you wear darker or pigmented lipstick shades, as it will keep the hue on your lips instead of staining your teeth. A setting spray may also extend its longevity!

Be sure to exfoliate and apply a moisturizing lip balm prior to applying colored lip products, then drink your beverages through a straw so the color stays on your lips and not your teeth.

4. Mix Your Lip Products Together

One of the best makeup hacks is mixing lip products. Doing so helps tone down too-warm lipstick hues while creating custom hues of your own – think purpley pinks, plums or even deep red lipstick!

No matter the occasion, this beauty tip will come in handy whether you want a Cara Delevingne-inspired bushy brow or simply want an easy way to reposition your eyelashes quickly and without fuss. Simply combine mascara and a spoolie for instantaneous results!

TikTok-famous makeup hack is perfect when time is short but you want to look your best. Simply dab some highlighter under each eye (but not too close!) for an instantly brightened and awake appearance, or use this technique on cheekbones and temples for a lifted frame effect.

5. Create a Natural Blush

Makeup artist or beauty novice alike can benefit from having some handy life hacks at their disposal. From how to perfect winged liner with ease to attaining salon worthy brows, these beauty advice from TikTok’s top beauty gurus will have you looking like an expert before long!

For an all-natural blush look, look for a cream or liquid blush that matches your skin tone and features vitamin-rich fruit and vegetable pigments. Free from talc, bismuth oxychloride, synthetic perfumes and parabens, these cleaner blushes offer a range of shades suitable for most complexions – apply it on the apples of your cheeks then blend upward toward temples for an unfussy finish!

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