How to Style Midi Dresses

A midi dress can make for the ideal outfit in various settings – from church to brunch and beyond! Versatility of styling options make this an excellent way to dress up or down this versatile piece.

Styling a midi dress requires selecting shoes and accessories to achieve a harmonious ensemble, whether for office-appropriate wear or going out at night – something easily accomplished with some advance preparation.

1. Choose the Right Midi

A midi dress is one of the most versatile pieces in your closet, easily adapting to different occasions while looking fantastic with different shoes.

When purchasing a midi dress, it’s essential that it meets both your body type and personal style preferences. Certain styles work best on women with straighter figures while others suit those with curvier figures.

If you have a shorter frame, opt for a midi length that falls just slightly longer or shorter than your mid-calf – this will help define your waist while making legs appear longer.

For a more formal occasion, layering up with a blazer or jacket can add polish. Or layer your midi over a tee shirt for more casual occasions.

2. Pick the Right Shoes

For casually styling your midi dress, strappy sandals can make an excellent accessory choice. Not only can they easily slip on, but their visual elongating properties visually elongate legs without risk of looking short or too skinny.

If the event calls for more formal attire, classic pumps typically make an appropriate statement. Stilettos or heavy boots would likely make your outfit appear bulky.

Slip-on sneakers are another trendy trend, ideal for pairing with knit midis and little black dresses. Choose between lower or platform styles.

Chunky sneakers can make an excellent statement of fall or winter style. Available in all-white or patterned and color-blocked designs, these sneakers offer versatility when selecting footwear for fall and winter styling.

3. Play with Texture

There are various ways to add texture and dimension to a midi dress. Wearing a bralette beneath it will add extra volume while still showing off your curves.

Enhance the look of your midi with unique accessories like belts, gloves and scarves to give it some flair.

An eye-catching bag will make any ensemble more noticeable.

To achieve your desired look, choose either a stylish modern tote or classic Chanel bag.

Wear your midi with anything from sneakers to boots for maximum versatility.

Make the most out of your new wardrobe investment. This will enable you to maximize its potential.

With so many styles and sizes to choose from, you’re bound to find your ideal pair! Choose from an array of colors and prints.

Amanda Moore and Company offer some of the finest collections of cheap midi dresses online, making shopping for something special or updating your wardrobe easy and enjoyable.

4. Pick the Right Color

Midi dresses are timeless fashion essentials that are appropriate for wear throughout the year. Perfect for casual day looks such as running errands or having lunch with friends, they make for the ideal attire choice when dressing casually for any occasion.

Midis are versatile garments that can add flair and individuality to any ensemble. Wear one for maximum effect.

Choose colors that complement your skin, hair and eyes when selecting clothing colors. If you have light skin, hair and eyes, the most flattering palettes would include pastels or muted hues.

Those with warm complexions can wear brighter hues to complement their complexion, such as yellow, red and other vibrant shades that exude warmth. Wear yellow, red and other eye-catching hues to accentuate this warmness of tone.

If you have an olive complexion, earth tones such as green and brown can add depth and dimension. Women with deeper complexions can rock bolder hues such as blue or fuchsia without looking washed out.

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