How to Create a Reading Nook

reading nook

An intimate reading nook provides the perfect place for readers to get lost in their book. From attic nooks and window seats, to spaces under stairs or spaces within walls – creating your own reading corner doesn’t need to be complicated with some helpful design tips and ideas!

Starting with a comfy reading chair and adding layers of soft furnishings like cushions and throw pillows, as well as a rug that feels soft to the touch – your home will become cozy in no time!

Choose the Right Seating

Reading nooks should provide you with an ideal space for curling up with your book in comfort, from cozy chairs and benches, with ample pillows or cushions, to window seats or daybeds layered with blankets – whatever works for you!

Add a luxurious look with a chaise lounge chair in a neutral fabric tone of your choice – ideal for children’s reading nooks. Not only will they provide extra seating for lounging and playing, but it will add another relaxing spot where kids can read or explore.

Add visual interest by hanging a piece of art with literary themes, whether that’s nature scenes, abstract pieces or tributes to authors you like. A built-in bookshelf provides ample storage for all of your books while eliminating furniture tip-over risks.

Add a Table or Ottoman

An indispensable feature of any reading nook is a table to place books, coffee mugs and other reading accessories on. A classic pedestal or traditional end table may suffice, or consider opting for something bold like this vintage-inspired shelf instead.

If your living room lacks room for a designated reading nook, a cozy loveseat can serve as a reading nook. Designer Nicole Dohem of Atelier ND implemented this strategy on a stair landing beneath a dormer window for this nook under her dormer window – creating an inviting spot during the day and an intimate reading nook at night!

Accent your space even further by accentuating it with framed art prints of books, plants, or words of wisdom that inspire you. Or select a theme to guide your decor choices such as a “just one more chapter” poster or set of mugs commemorating literature!

Add Some Character

Reading nooks should offer more than comfortable seating and storage for books; they should feel cozy and personal to each reader. A bit of charm such as lampshades, wallpaper, statuettes or even star-shaped lamps may add charm – perhaps suggesting space travel or nautical themes; conversely a bust of Michelangelo’s David can pay homage to Renaissance literature.

Anyone wanting to recreate the feeling of their favorite library may opt for built-in bookcases to hold all their beloved titles; however, even a rolling book cart can serve as an intimate solution.

Soft furnishings alone won’t create the ideal reading nook. Additional elements to include include comfortable pillows, throw blankets and houseplants (known to elevate mood and reduce stress levels), as well as decorative rugs or canvas wall art in soothing colors to further create an ambience conducive to reading.

Make It Cozy

Finding the ideal reading nook can be achieved using various pieces from simple armchair and footstool to a custom built-in seat with upper and lower storage, among others. Make your space inviting by including elements that reflect you like family photos, treasured trinkets or literary-themed decor.

Add a soft throw blanket for added warmth as you read, as well as a small table for coffee or tea, additional pillows, lamps and perhaps music players or podcasts that help transport you away into another world of storybook bliss.

An oasis of calm can be found by finding time to read for pleasure – and an inviting reading nook makes that easy. Take some time for yourself, turn off the TV, put down your phone and pick up something good – your body and mind will thank you.

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