How to Create a Reading Nook

reading nook

After a long day, nothing beats unwinding with a good book! Create a reading nook to give yourself an oasis of relaxation in any corner of your living space, bedroom or even an unused corner of the home.

Create your nook with functional features such as a curved bookcase and circular seating cushion for added interest, plus fairy lights to make an inviting place your children will look forward to coming back each night for bedtime story time!

Curved Corner Bookcase

Make the most of any odd corners in your room by creating an eye-catching focal point with a curved bookcase that serves as the center point for reading pleasure with comfy chairs or sofas placed nearby and set out woven rugs for cozy reading sessions. Add decorative accents such as scenic paintings or quotes that help center and calm.

Give your reading nook the feel of an exclusive club with charming bookends inspired by storybook adventure. Available in various styles – from sleek metal designs to quirky details – these decorative accessories will complete your reading oasis perfectly.

If your nook is surrounded by windows, place a floor lamp nearby for optimal task lighting at night – especially if reading in bed is part of your routine. Use interior design tools online to visualize different paint colors before making any decisions on wall schemes; alternatively patterned wallpaper with complementary hues could achieve the same visual impact.

Star Corner

An inviting star corner provides the ideal place for curling up with a good book and sipping steaming coffee or tea. Select a comfortable chair, sumptuous underfoot rug, and plenty of pillows and blankets to create your ideal reading corner. Be sure to select warm autumnal hues or rich burgundy as colours for maximum relaxation!

Framing art prints is another simple way to give your reading nook a more intimate library-esque feeling. Consider abstract paintings, family and friend photos, printed books that you love or even boho tapestries for stylish details.

Your reading nook needs a small table as an essential feature, offering space to rest your cup of coffee, store bookmarks and book stacks, or provide visual interest through an accent table that adds visual character. A pedestal table in neutral tones or one with interesting details adds visual intrigue – the choice is yours!

Fairy Lights

Reading nooks provide the ideal spot for relaxing with a good book. These cozy alcoves offer privacy and seclusion from daily stressors. No matter the size or shape, a reading nook can serve as an oasis in any home – from corner rooms and window seats to teepees!

Add some sparkle and light up your reading nook with fairy lights for a magical reading experience! Children especially will delight in feeling as if they are flying alongside Tinkerbell during story time sessions.

Other decorative touches that add charm and comfort to a reading nook include wall prints of your favorite quote, scented candles to promote relaxation and houseplants to promote calm. Artwork that inspires motivation or offers escape is also ideal.

Kid-Friendly Accessories

Establishing a reading nook can be both simple and enjoyable when using kid-friendly accessories. From an unused corner of your bedroom, to a cozy window seat or even a teepee playroom – creating the ideal space for kids to dive into their books is achievable!

Your goal should be to create an inviting space for your children so they’ll want to go there on their own. Make the space inviting by filling it with inviting seating options like bean bags and stuffed animals as well as colorful throw pillows that add visual interest and pattern.

Install a reading lamp with built-in sconce or recessed ceiling fixture so your children can read whenever they please throughout the day, or purchase an ereader like the Kindle Paperwhite ($115; originally $160) designed specifically with kids in mind and offering two years worry-free warranty coverage.

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