DIY Accessories to Elevate Your Look

DIY accessories

Accessories are an easy and cost-effective way to update your look, whether that means finding a chic bracelet or bow! DIY projects such as these will add the perfect finishing touches to any ensemble!

Some crafts can be more practical than decorative, like these easy-to-make drawer dividers or this decoupage chest of drawers project.

Galaxy Necklace

A galaxy is an enormous collection of gas, dust, and billions of stars with their own solar systems. This lampwork pendant depicts a miniature universe inside a resin sphere featuring planets and trails resembling those found in our Milky Way galaxy.

Grab a cabochon and your chosen picture of a galaxy to use for this project, then apply Mod Podge on its back, placing your picture. Allow to dry completely before placing more artwork.

Scalloped Bar Necklace

A delicate horizontal bar with scalloped edging adds feminine yet edgy charm to this minimalist necklace. Wear it to add subtle sophistication or use it as part of an eclectic boho ensemble; or make it part of a memorial piece using breastmilk, cremation ashes stones, hair locks and fur locks or umbilical cord and placenta from our YouTube tutorials listed for product listings for additional inspiration and instructions.

Barrettes on Messy Waves

If you lack confidence when it comes to creating smooth old-Hollywood waves, use a hinged barrette (aka salon clip) as an accent piece. Once creating a center part, sweep back half of your front hair and secure with an ornament-studded barrette or clip featuring Tokyo-colored acetate textures that complements your color. Ornaments stand on metal parts to keep the ornaments secure in their position all day long and look pretty all the time!

Celine Knot Bracelet

An everyday knot bracelet might seem plain and simple, but its texture adds an interesting dimension to any wardrobe! Plus, you can add beads for even more glitz!

Celine’s signature minimalist aesthetic can also be found in its jewelry. These piccadilly drop earrings showcase this label’s stylishly understated opulence!

Rose Earrings

If lace is your passion or you simply crave an easy jewelry project, these DIY earrings may just be what you need. All it requires are some supplies and our helpful tutorial!

Make your own rose earrings by rolling 14 small balls of polymer clay that resemble Hershey kisses, then flatten and curl one to form petals that you attach to the base of the earring.

Pearl Ring

Pearl is an auspicious gem that provides many advantages to those wearing it, including improved financial gains, knowledge gains, mental strength and enhanced family life.

This DIY ring exudes dreamy vibes due to the lovely beads embedded into polymer clay. Not only is it comfortable and easy to wear, but it would make an excellent thoughtful present as well.

This knotted leather bracelet from That’s What Che Said features two materials to create a sophisticated, feminine look. When selecting pearls sold by weight, be mindful of their fine holes that could impede threading wire through them.

Pearl Sunglasses Strap

An eyewear chain or strap (or sunglasses strap) is an invaluable accessory for people who misplace or lose their glasses regularly, keeping the eyewear close by when not being worn or used.

Add an elegant touch to your style with this beautiful white pearl glasses chain, featuring bright white faux pearls with gold-plated clasps and durable silicone loops.

Ear Cuffs

Ear cuffs are an easy and stylish way to accessorize any look without needing pierced ears. From simple styles like charms or chains, to embellishments such as beads on headpins or even more elaborate embellishments like charms on headpins – there is something suitable for every taste and occasion when it comes to creating beautiful ear cuffs!

Homemakers can quickly and easily create ear cuffs at home using wire and needle-nose pliers. You can make multiple pairs to wear on different occasions, both around and behind the ear cartilage and are comfortable enough for all day wear.

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