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hidden gems Europe

European hidden gems make ideal getaways for travelers seeking something off-beat. Notorious spots tend to be much more budget-friendly, enabling you to stretch your travel funds even further.

Graz, Austria may not be as well-known as Salzburg or Vienna; yet its quaint center features one of Gaudi’s designs and offers an enticing combination of delicious food and cultural offerings.

The Balearic Islands

The Balearic Islands, also known as Islas Balears, are an immensely popular European holiday destination. From partying it up in Ibiza to relaxing on its beautiful beaches or enjoying some tasty local cuisine – there is something here for everyone.

This underrated European gem boasts beautiful beaches, delicious authentic Spanish cuisine and an incredible history dating back 2000 years – it should definitely be on your itinerary! Don’t miss this chance to experience its unmissable charm!


Oft overlooked by visitors, this tiny country offers unrivaled charm. Bask in the sun while sampling traditional cuisine and gazing upon majestic fortresses.

Mdina, Malta’s medieval capital, seems frozen in time. Wander through its stunning maze of palazzos, shaded piazzas, and bougainvillea-covered facades; or descend to charming Victoria for a bustling cafe culture and spectacular views.

The Douro Valley

The Douro Valley is a UNESCO World Heritage Site known for producing world-famous Portuguese wine known as Port. However, this picturesque region holds much more than vineyards and villages to discover.

Strong yet sweet wines produced here are testament to the hardworking people living in this breathtaking landscape. Traveling here provides an immersive experience; guests are welcomed into local quintas during harvest season to take part in traditional grape stomping ceremonies and experience traditional grape stomping for themselves!

Karlovy Vary

Karlovy Vary is the perfect city for strolling and sampling water from its many natural mineral springs. Relax along one of its numerous colonnades before hiking up Diana Lookout Tower for stunning views over both town and forest below!

Visitors to Carlsbad in west Bohemia cannot leave without tasting either Czech liqueur becherovka or Carlsbad wafers, which were first created here in 1807.


Estonia’s capital city, Tallinn, is an internationally acclaimed cultural destination renowned for its UNESCO World Heritage Old Town and church spire-studded skyline. Additionally, Tallinn provides an ideal city break destination combining modern comforts with centuries of history!

Imagine Europe without tourists crowding every street and gazing upon centuries-old buildings without bumping into someone every few seconds; that is exactly what this underrated destination offers!


Fauske makes an ideal location from which to explore Helgeland by land, with buses heading all the way out to Narvik and beyond. Additionally, Nordlandsbanen train reaches Bodo before stopping in Fauske where travellers looking to head north can switch over to buses.

Hovdsundet Beach provides the ideal setting for hiking with guided tours that span across its pebble beaches, coastal cliffs and pine forests – suitable for intermediate hikers.


Zagreb may not try hard to woo visitors, yet its easygoing charm proves irresistible. Explore its neoclassical center or wander its sprawling network of parks and sites known as ‘Green Horseshoe’ as trams rumble by.

Cafes fill the squares, where Purgers (the locals) enjoy long coffee-fueled conversations. Restaurants like Lari & Penati take liberties by serving an eclectic blend of Croatian and US fare alongside quality wines.


Sun-seekers flock to Portugal’s southwestern coast for its gorgeous beaches, stunning cliff scenery and fantastic grottoes – but beyond its main resort towns lies an idyllic rural charm that many don’t expect.

Outside Faro, wander the cobbled streets of Estoi and admire first-century Roman ruins at Milreu. On the west coast near Lagos, Atlantic winds buffet towering cliffs while keeping beaches more tranquil.


Tenerife may be known for its beach resorts, but there’s much more to this island. From verdant ravines and mountain trails to sleepy villages – there’s something special here for everyone.

Journey north to La Orotava and experience its acclimatisation gardens designed by King Charles III for plants from Northern Europe and South America – it’s a wonderful way to see the island without facing crowds!


Zermatt, located in Switzerland’s Alpine region, attracts skiers, hikers, climbers, mountain bikers and mountain bikers from around the globe. All its commercial and residential areas are pedestrian only and feature old wooden buildings for an idyllic mountain experience.

The Matterhorn Museum provides an immersive experience of Zermatt’s history, from its initial triumphant and tragic ascent on 14 July 1865 that made Zermatt known worldwide, to original village houses and mountain climbing equipment displayed throughout.

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