Delicious Gluten-Free Desserts

glutenfree desserts

No matter your gluten sensitivity level or why not to, these tasty desserts prove that delicious treats can still be created without using flour in baking. From creamy cheesecakes to crunchy peanut butter cookies, there’s sure to be something delicious here that’ll satisfy every sweet tooth.

These homemade Girl Scout Samoas are naturally gluten free and refined sugar free! Chewy around the edges and fudgy in the center – naturally delicious Girl Scout Samoas are perfect for Girl Scouts on any mission!

No-Bake Chocolate Rice Pudding

Assemble delicious and comforting chocolate rice pudding on the stove top to create the ultimate wintertime dessert! Add fresh whipped cream, crushed pistachios or cashew nuts or even fruit compote for a decadent finish!

This recipe uses instant rice but is easily adaptable for traditional long grain texture using uncooked long grain rice and unflavored oat or rice flour as well. Plus, its gluten-free properties and coconut milk as a lactose-intolerant option makes it a delicious meal!

As soon as your mixture reaches boiling point, keep an eye on it closely to avoid overcooking and having an uncontrollable mess on your hands!

Step-5 is where you add raisins and your chosen roasted nuts such as almonds, pistachios or cashews for an irresistibly sweet and chewy variation. Omit cocoa powder for white chocolate chips if you want a lighter variation. If the pudding turns out too thin you can thicken it using a combination of cornstarch and water.

Chipotle Chocolate Cake

There are certain meals that call out for a rich dark chocolate cake, and this flourless version does not disappoint! Not only is it delicious, but its addition of chipotle pepper adds an unexpected bit of heat that adds an extra spark.

Combine sugar, melted margarine and cocoa in a large mixing bowl. Sift sorghum flour, tapioca flour, cornstarch, xanthan gum, salt and baking powder into another bowl before combining both into the butter mixture on medium speed for about 2 minutes of beating time.

Divide batter evenly among 8 or 9-inch ramekins (you will have one leftover), bake for 30 to 40 minutes, allow to cool for 10 minutes, dust with powdered sugar and sprinkle with Chipotle finishing salt; dust again when cold for best results; serve topped with cherry chipotle sauce (optional) or fresh berries and/or scoop of ice cream! This Valentine’s Day-worthy cake features both the sweet-savory combination of chili peppers and cinnamon that provide it with its perfect balance between sweet and savory.

Apple Cider Bundt Cake

Apple cider adds an intensely delicious twist to this cake. Not to be mistaken with apple juice which undergoes filtering and pasteurization processes, cider has an unfiltered, cloudy appearance with more tart flavors, commonly found in refrigerator sections at grocery stores – making it perfect for baking!

Sour cream makes this cake moist and tender while eggs provide structure to its batter. Ground cinnamon adds an aromatic note throughout. Finally, to top it all off, this masterpiece is brushed with melted butter before being dusted with sweet cinnamon sugar to resemble apple cider donuts!

At its core, this cake is an effortless creation to whip together at any given moment using ingredients most home bakers already possess. We have tested this recipe with various gluten free flour blends including basic mixes of brown rice flour, tapioca starch and potato starch with or without added xanthan gum and Bob’s Red Mill Gluten-Free 1-to-1 Baking Flour without added xanthan gum – with excellent results each time!

Hazelnut Meringues

To create the honey hazelnut meringue, whisk egg whites until stiff peaks have formed in either an electric stand mixer or by hand in a large bowl. Gradually add sugar while whisking well until glossy and holding its shape; fold in coarsely ground hazelnuts before folding together again.

Meringues are baked at a high temperature to achieve an airy and light outer shell and soft and chewy centre, adding depth and texture with hazelnuts for additional depth and dimension.

Meringues will keep for up to two weeks in an airtight container; if they become sticky or chewy during that time, reheating in the oven for 10 minutes should help restore their crisp texture.

To serve, scoop ganache into meringue nests and garnish them with additional chopped hazelnuts and chocolate covered coffee beans for an elegant, delectable treat! They make for the perfect appetizer at any special event or wonderful breakfast treats if you avoid gluten, dairy and animal products – perfect for anyone on a gluten free, dairy free and/or vegan diet!

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