Delicious and Easy Gluten-Free Desserts

glutenfree desserts

Gluten-free desserts can be delectable and easy to prepare, perfect for pleasing everyone at the table – both those who choose not to consume gluten or are sensitive to it. With the right ingredients on hand, your dish will surely impress all!

Amaze your friends and family with an impressive gluten-free tiramisu that looks as decadent as its traditional counterpart. Top it off with fresh berries for an eye-catching presentation!

Slow Cooker Orange Almond Rice Pudding

This classic dessert can be made easily in the slow cooker. Add any number of add-ins for personalization!

This recipe is naturally gluten-free and vegan-friendly by swapping out dairy for nondairy alternatives like almond, coconut, soy or oat milk. Add an extra special twist with ground cinnamon, nutmeg or cardamom seeds as desired, along with orange zest for extra zesty zest!

For a classic custard-like dessert, beat two egg yolks together and temper (stirring in some hot cooked rice pudding to gently warm and temper them before stirring back into your slow cooker), before pouring the mix back in for an additional 15-minute cook time.

Garnish with slivered or sliced almonds and/or coarsely chopped pistachios as desired; for an elegant presentation at special events or holidays, consider hiding an almond in each portion similar to Galette des Rois or Mardi Gras King Cake traditions.

Chipotle Chocolate Cake

Gluten-free desserts don’t have to be bland and unappetizing! With more and more people having Celiac disease or being sensitive to proteins found in wheat, gluten, and barley products there is an expanding market for quality gluten-free products such as baked goods from bakeries or grocery stores as well as easy homemade recipes that adhere to this diet.

These flourless chocolate cakes feature a bit of heat thanks to chipotle powder and cinnamon that gives each bite an irresistibly pleasant tingle, creating a luxuriously moist cake that would go perfectly with some fruit, whipped cream or ice cream on top!

These bars make a delicious treat for lunch boxes, afternoon snacks, picnics and pot lucks alike! With just three ingredients required – oats, peanut butter and chocolate chips – making these bars is easy! Just one sheet pan is needed. Naturally gluten-free they also feature various add-in options; just be sure that when making any specific orders that they specify as gluten-free to ensure it doesn’t process in facilities that also process items containing gluten.

Berry Creme Brulee

Creme Brulee is a classic French dessert, known for its velvety smooth texture and rich, creamy taste. Topped off with crunchy caramel sauce, Creme Brulee is widely enjoyed across Europe; Spanish varieties may be called Crema Catalana while Italian versions go by the name Cream Caramella.

Creme brulee is a decadent dessert made of heavy cream, egg yolks and sugar that contains high levels of saturated fats and sugar, which has been linked with obesity, heart disease, chronic lifestyle diseases such as arthritis and diabetes. If eaten too frequently it could pose health risks if consumed in excess.

Making homemade creme brulee requires tempering egg yolks with extreme patience and practice, and baking the custard in a waterbath in order to prevent cracking. While using a kitchen torch for sugar topping may appear daunting, the process can actually be done quite easily and readily available ready-made creme brulee mixes can save time in terms of separating eggs, melting sugar and setting your oven.

Pecan Pie

Toasty pecans add an irresistibly rich, nutty taste to this timeless pie, making it the perfect holiday (or anytime!) treat, especially when served alongside ice cream!

Filling: Combine eggs, corn syrup, brown sugar, melted butter, vanilla and cinnamon into a batter before pouring it over coarsely chopped pecans and baking until its center has just a slight jiggle and its edges remain stable. If it begins to brown too quickly during baking, cover it halfway with foil.

If time is of the essence, this pie can be prepared and baked ahead. It will remain fresh when stored covered and refrigerated, lasting three or four days; or it can also be frozen raw or blind-baked until required for consumption. You could also try making this pie using other types of nuts such as walnuts or peanuts (if tolerated); just remember to toast them first if doing so! This recipe also makes an ideal gluten-free crust pie recipe!

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