Best Organization Apps

Organization apps are designed to maximize your productivity by streamlining events, tasks, and communication into one simple app. Many integrate with note-taking apps, mind mapping tools and document storage clouds for even greater convenience and efficiency.

This can be especially helpful for busy individuals. Others use timers or meditation sounds to reduce distractions further.


iStudiez is an award-winning student planner app designed specifically to meet their needs, from class scheduling and assignment tracking to grading information and voice control features. Plus it comes equipped with smart notifications and voice command functions for added convenience!

iStudiez Pro can keep track of all your classes, assignments and exams for each semester or term in a user-friendly Overview section. Furthermore, GPA tracking updates automatically when graded homework returns – providing instantaneous feedback as to its effectivity!

The Planner tab allows you to enter professors’ names, emails addresses and office hours before adding your class schedule to the calendar and viewing it either “Week View” or “Day View.” Furthermore, assignments may be organized according to due date, course or priority – other tabs include Data, Instructors and Holidays for ease of navigation.


Timetable is a software designed to assist with the administrative management of schools and training centres. It replaces paper-based work with automated scheduling of lessons. Furthermore, Timetable matches learning needs with available teachers in one click; creating multiple timetables in minutes with just a click while checking each one against predetermined criteria – displayed weekly, daily or monthly (calendar, grid list or exportable table).

Teachers, students and guardians all have access to their individual timetable, visible from their portal. They can quickly view color-coded scheduled lessons or view them in detail. In addition, important school events can be added directly onto calendars; these features are meant to increase productivity and communication while simultaneously improving productivity and communication within teams or small groups of people. Our app comes with different pricing plans with free trials included!

Day One

The Day One journaling app allows you to write and add photos, audio recordings, and videos to your entries. With its minimalist design and support for several writing formats such as Markdown, it encourages more frequent writing sessions.

The app also lets you take notes while on the move – perfect if an idea pops into your mind while driving or walking! And its built-in camera lets you take pictures to add into your journal.

Day One app is free to download, but requires subscription for premium features. Compatible with iOS, Android and Mac devices – as well as Apple Watch for recording journal entries while on-the-go – Day One also recently updated to offer dark mode to look great on dark screen devices and new map view to view where you have journaled, making reminiscing easy.


Penbook is an iPad and Apple Pencil user’s ideal notebook app. With its robust set of features for taking notes, solving math problems or drawing sports plays; as well as being compatible with Surface Dial it makes taking notes easy! It provides plenty of opportunities to import PDFs for annotation as well.

The latest version of Penbook App for iPadOS features a revamped ‘three slates’ design to better represent notebook physicality and more robust search improvements, including support for optical character recognition. Furthermore, integration with Spotlight searches now allows users to quickly launch Penbook books directly from home screen.

There is a free-to-try version of this app with basic functionality; however, to access all its features fully you will require paying an annual subscription. However, there is a seven-day free trial option for anyone wanting to check it out before committing.

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