At-Home Workouts

With some careful planning, home workouts can easily fit into a hectic schedule. From high intensity interval training (HIIT) and yoga flows to dance cardio and strength training – you don’t need a gym membership or expensive equipment!

Avoid Germs: Plus, no worries of looking at Other Gym-goers

It’s convenient

Home workouts offer many people an appealing option for staying on track with their fitness goals, regardless of fitness level or needs. There’s always an app or streaming service out there tailored specifically to you, from beginner-friendly programs like Treadmill Trainer or Yoga to strength building workouts designed specifically to improve strength – at-home workouts provide a simple way to stay focused and meet all of your targets!

There are plenty of options available for cardio, bodyweight exercises, HIIT and more without needing to visit the gym. Plus, this will save time by not needing to pack your bag, drive to it, wait for equipment and deal with other gym-related hassles!

At home, fitness should always come first. Making time to work out when needed – be it during a snowstorm or after picking up kids from school – helps you stay on track with your fitness goals and avoid backsliding due to busy lifestyles.

You don’t have to wait for equipment

Working out at home has many advantages over using traditional gym facilities or attending class cancellations; you don’t have to worry about closures or class cancellations being a distraction from your exercise plans, and can adjust accordingly should something unexpected come up that needs your attention. You also gain more flexibility with regards to scheduling changes if there are last-minute commitments that arise that require changes on your part.

At-home workouts offer several distinct advantages over gym workouts: no special equipment is necessary; bodyweight exercises like push ups, lunges and squats can target muscles all over your body and you can increase sets and reps as your strength develops.

Making fitness fun by trying new workouts and exercise modalities is always rewarding, and workout apps provide an excellent resource for finding challenging bodyweight and free-weight exercises designed to challenge all fitness levels. Apps often feature video instruction, music, timers to monitor progress and rest and recovery features to keep workouts on track when motivation wanes.

You can save money

Establishing a home workout space can be an inexpensive way to keep active. A basic set of equipment such as an exercise mat, dumbbells and stability ball typically costs under $100.

Home workouts tend to be much cheaper than gym or fitness studio membership. Not only can the initial investment cost less, but you’ll save on gas, parking costs and possibly forgo paying for classes that you don’t plan on attending.

Although exercising at home does have its drawbacks, such as lack of access to gym instructors or social distancing, these can be overcome by planning your workouts ahead of time and using daily chores such as laundry as warm-up/cooldown activities. Also having someone workout alongside you can keep you motivated.

You can do it your way

Fitting in fitness sessions at home has never been simpler! Thanks to fitness apps, online workout videos and virtual classes, incorporating exercise is now easier than ever – saving both money on gym memberships and equipment costs.

Home workouts provide you with the freedom to create your ideal fitness schedule at your own time and on any day that suits you, be it early morning exercise before beginning the day, or breaking up exercise into short bursts throughout the day – be it running up and down stairs, bodyweight squats or walking around the block.

Working out at home also eliminates excuses. No more worrying about germs on machines you use or letting other duties take priority over exercise; taking control of your workout schedule puts fitness first – an invaluable skill during times such as the Covid-19 pandemic.

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